Hi, I'm Chris Lakin. (Pronounced “Lay-kin”)

What I’m doing now

Last updated February 22 from my home in Alamo Square, San Francisco.


For the past year I’ve been thinking a lot about how emotional insecurity creates social conflict, and how emotional insecurities can be intentionally unlearned. Latest post:

AI boundaries!

I’m employed thinking about how boundaries could apply to AI safety. Thinking about psychological boundaries led me here, and I didn’t expect that.

I’ve been particularly confused about the whole “making AI safe” thing though in the last few weeks..

How we can connect

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  • Email me spontaneously. This is how I’ve made a bunch of friends, and even one long-term girlfriend.

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Interests lately

  • Hosting social events in SF.

  • Psychology

    • Adlerian Psychology

    • memory reconsolidation, Coherence Therapy, IFS

    • social insecurity, social drama, social anxiety

    • self-fulfilling prophecies (ran an event on this)

  • Intuitive bodywork

  • Vibes I like

    • abstract and technical, yet playful and silly (kiki x bouba)

    • “taking heavy things lightly”

    • “Here’s something people usually avoid. Let’s head straight for it.” (ran an event like this)

    • intuition

    • being curious about anything

  • Communicating well

    • Writing briefly

  • Intentional parenting (spaced repetition for babies went viral)

  • Red meat

  • Bouldering, barefoot climbing


Questions lately

  • How can emotional insecurities be unlearned quickly?

  • How does choosing self-fulfilling prophecies work?

  • How can I be as effortlessly flexible, mobile, and strong as a cat? How can I be more like a cat?

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